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How do we do it

We replace inefficient and outdated reporting with comprehensive and understandable tailor-made solutions.
Initial transformation

Reports suitable for initial transformation are defined in cooperation with the company’s management. This phase can focus, for example, on reports of one section, reports identical across multiple sections or top-level reports.

It is especially important to define the necessary data and set up data flows in cooperation with internal employees.

The aim is to acquaint employees with the possibilities of business intelligence tools and to prepare the environment for the following phases.

Complete reporting solution

In the follow-up phase, the transformation of reporting is extended to the rest of the organization. According to the requirements of managers, key reports of individual departments and top management are transferred to business intelligence tools.

The reports are processed on the basis of data connections from the pilot phase, which can be extended according to new needs.

The aim of this phase is to simplify and speed up the repetitive process of creating reports and thus free up capacity for other activities and projects.

Subsequent support

In subsequent phases, we ensure the adjustment of reports and methodology in response to changing internal needs and market conditions.

We can provide continuous support or training for employees in the administration and creation of reports.