Tax Consulting

Our goal is to provide comprehensive consulting services, but also to provide first-class quality. Therefore, these services are provided in cooperation with our trusted partners, who are top experts in the field. This does not mean that we are only intermediaries. We actively participate in creating value for you and ensuring know-how.

Taxation of Natural Persons

We externally arrange help in areas related to employees – income tax, social security, health insurance, sending of workers abroad, immigration obligations, etc.

Taxation of Legal Persons

We externally arrange complex services in the field of corporate taxation.

Transactional Tax Consulting

You can also contact us for transaction tax advice. We provide assistance with the tax effects of individual transactions, whose knowledge and planning contribute to reducing transaction risk and increasing opportunities. We also provide comprehensive transfer pricing services, thus working documents for the Transfer of valuation, for a study into the tax office put their request for mandatory assessment and help you at the hearing in any dispute.International taxation

Indirect Taxes

Do you want to reduce costs and reduce the risks associated with the application of indirect taxes? We provide services in planning and implementing management solutions for preparing and reviewing tax returns.

Transfer Pricing

We externally arrange complex transfer pricing services – processing of transfer pricing documentation, making a comparative study, we will put in a request to the tax office for their binding assessment, we will assist you in dealing with the tax administrator and in possible disputes.

International Taxation

We externally arrange help with international tax planning, structuring of your international activities for tax optimization, transfer pricing documentation and value added tax optimization.