Consulting Services

The main goal of the consulting is to increase the performance of the organization, especially by analysing the current problems of the company and developing plans to solve them. We will help you map your current situation, suggest new processes, set performance measurement, and increase the efficiency of company processes and activities.

Management Consulting

Is your goal to improve your organization’s performance? Analysing the current situation, mapping your processes, setting performance measurement and developing plans and designing solutions is the key to increasing the efficiency of your business processes and activities.

Strategic Consulting

Need to set your strategy? Don’t you know how to implement your strategy or business model? We will help you identify and quantify opportunities and risks in order to manage your strategy and determine the direction of your business by creating alternative scenarios and appropriate strategic management tools. We provide due diligence services, including market research, i.e its size, estimated growth, factors affecting demand, identifying comparative advantages and other opportunities. On the other hand, we also focus on early risk identification to minimize the negative impact on your organization.

Transactional Consulting

Are you dealing with the issue of company sales? We will help you identify and ensure due diligence the financial and tax risks associated with the acquisition, provide the best advice on transaction, assistance in offering and negotiating, and preparing for the company’s sales.


Do you want to ensure the functionality of the whole reporting cycle in one tool? We are able to customize the reporting tool through a single BI application that connects your data sources, completes the missing context and information, preserves it in a data warehouse that provides consistent, consistent data integrity. The reporting tool can be customized to your wishes and ideas, allowing you to have advanced visualization, dashboards, and manage report structure and format. As part of reporting, we are able to ensure budget control, forecasting and evaluation of deviations and their causes. The implementation of the reporting tool is a matter of course.

Internal Audit

Increasing value is one of significant competitive advantages. Do you want to increase the value of your organization in the long term? Improve, manage and control internal processes? We are here for you to assess the internal control mechanisms of the organization, to propose a systematic approach to assessing and improving the effectiveness of the risk management system.

Human Resources

In many cases, human resources are the biggest competitive advantage of an organization. With the growth of the satisfaction of your employees goes hand in hand with the growth of your set objectives and results. That is why we provide advice on strategic human resources management, performance management, reward and motivation, recruitment and staff development, and employee relationships. We help create a motivating environment and exploit hidden potential.

Risk Management

We offer services in the area of risk identification, definition of the risk management strategy, monitoring, measurement and risk reporting and selection of the appropriate management tools.

Information & Communication Technologies

We offer help with assessing the state of the ICT of the company, standardizing ICT processes, suggesting the IS for the business support and suggesting cloud solutions. We also provide cyber security services and help with the ICT tendering and project management.

Sales & Marketing

Do you want to increase your turnover and focus on key customers? We will help you improve the performance of your sales, develop sales channels, develop a range of products and services, optimize customer service, manage customer value and create predictive models of customer behaviour.

Real Estate Services

We provide real estate advisory, accounting, tax and valuation services, including acquiring acquisition opportunities, executing management, brokerage or advisory functions for any transaction, fundraising for the client, providing all necessary permissions, assisting in finding a suitable partner or finding suitable tenants or operators.

Outsourcing of Accounting

Our goal is to reduce the administrative burden of your business, including bookkeeping, payroll accounting, management reporting and statutory statements, tax and other reports.