Financial & Legal Consulting

Our goal is to provide comprehensive consulting services, but also to provide first-class quality. Therefore, these services are provided in cooperation with our trusted partners, who are top experts in the field. This does not mean that we are only intermediaries. We actively participate in creating value for you and ensuring know-how.


We provide audit services including mandatory and optional audit of financial statements, verification of extraordinary financial statements and consolidated financial statements, verification of compliance with the conditions for drawing subsidies, verification of the effectiveness of the internal control mechanism, due diligence and special purpose audit (verification of opening balance sheets for business transformation, etc.).

Legal Consulting

Do you need legal advice on company law, regulation, labour law, transactions, litigation and technology? Contact us.

Valuation of Movable Property

We deal with the valuation of all kinds of real estate for a variety of purposes. We also externally arrange judicial expert opinion.

Financial Valuation

Do you need to determine the market value of a business for sale, merger, acquisition or other? We are engaged in the valuation of shares, units, equipment, intangible assets, current assets (stocks and receivables) and liabilities. We will provide also a judicial expert opinion. We also valuate all kinds of properties for different purposes.